AIR SOFIA is a private airline registered on 11.02.1992 and dedicated mainly to cargo transportation. AIR SOFIA started operations with an AN-12, registration LZ-SFC, leased from Russia on 15.02.1992. A second AN-12 factory No 8007 LZ-SFA, manufactured on 28.11.1971 as commercial aircraft, was leased from the Belgrade Museum of Aviation on 16.03.1992. Three AN-12’s from Russia were purchased on 16.06.1992 with a credit from ‘Commercial Bank’, with the following factory numbers: 334 1605 LZ-SFG 434 1901 LZ-SFK 434 2101 LZ-SFL The credit was returned in 8 months. One AN-12 with factory number 334 1705 was leased from ‘Antonov Design Bureau’ and was registered as LZ-SFM in 1993. Another AN-12 with registration LZ-SFN and factory number 234 0806 was purchased from ‘Phoenix Air’ after the latter’s going out of business. The aircraft was bought from the owner ‘Viva Argo Bravo’ on 13.10.1994. Aircraft AN-12 registered on 10.02.1995 LZ-SFS, factory number 4308 was purchased from Poland. Aircraft AN-24 was leased from ‘Antonov Design Bureau’. It was registered on 08.03.1994 under LZ-SFP and was used in passenger flights operations. The aircraft was returned to its owner on 29.03.96 with a purchase offer from AIR SOFIA. The purchase contract was signed on 03.08.97. An AN-26 factory number 3904 was purchased from Russia and was registered as LZ-SFH on 18.11.1996. One AN-12 factory number 434 2105 was purchased from Czech Republic and was registered as LZ-SFJ on 10.09.1997. Aircraft AN-12 factory number 934 8007 leased from the Belgrade Museum of Aviation, was eventually purchased on 23.02.1998. During different periods of time AIR SOFIA leased AN-22, AN-124, IL-76, B-707 and continues to lease these types of aircraft even for ad hoc flights. AIR SOFIA holds all necessary licenses and qualifications to organize and operate passenger and cargo flights without limitations. At present our fleet consists of six AN-12, two IL-76, one AN-26 and one AN-124. We operate scheduled and ad hoc flights worldwide. Our headoffice and maintenance base are located in Sofia and we have marketing divisions in London (Gatwick), Singapore, Dubai and Cotonou. All the offices are equipped with up-to-date aviation communication systems, including Reuters Air Cargo News channel and operate 24 hours a day seven days a week The Central Maintenance Station is in Sofia, however a lot of the aircraft checks are carried out at our secondary bases at Cotonou, Singapore and Sharjah. A team of qualified and experienced staff always finds the right solution to any problem, accomplishing the airline’s motto: “Any load, at any time, to any destination in the world” Apart from our scheduled and charter activity we provide aircraft regularly on wet-lease basis. We have the following long-term contracts at the present time: One AN-12 and one An-26 based in Singapore, /Air Mark Aviation/; One AN-12 based in Cotonou, Benin, /Air Afrique/. In the near past we had long-terms wet lease contracts with Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Air Luxor /Portugal/, Turkish Airlines, Cargo Air (New Zealand) etc. We also operate on regional routes out of our base at Ostend Airport, Belgium and Sharjah Airport /U.A.E./. AIR SOFIA even became the first AN-12 airline ever approved to operate to Honk Kong. The Company owns and operates the only American laboratory in Eastern Europe, licensed to service and operate radio navigational and radar equipment from leading western companies manufacturing such equipment. At Bourgas Airport /Bulgaria/ which is a hub for our heavy jets like IL-76 and AN-124, we have 1,600 sq. m cargo terminal, while at Sofia Airport we operate a cargo office and warehouse providing forwarding and storage servicing for AIR SOFIA flights and flights for Austrian Airlines, Malev, Lufthansa, Air France, alike. As much as 400 people work for the company - pilots, technical and maintenance staff, people with versatile qualifications. We have no pecuniary or other debts towards our staff, any other company or the state. A much valued proof of the international recognition of AIR SOFIA’s professionalism and reliability on the aviation market is the company’s being nominated for the prestigious Crystal Globe 1998 Award.


   For the whole of 1997 only 3.8 % of all operated flights were from/to Bulgaria. Nevertheless all revenues and investments are used in Bulgaria. Thus AIR SOFIA has several hotels of its own in Bulgaria. Two of them are at the seaside at St.Vlas resort near Bourgas. The guests have at their disposal cozy rooms, mini-bar and satellite TV; room service; a restaurant. A smaller hotel in the same resort is used for crew accommodation. In addition, in Sofia we own an apartments for crew rest/office trips. The third hotel of AIR SOFIA is in the town of Ihtiman, 40 kilometers south-east from Sofia, and within a near distance from one of the largest Bulgarian ski-resorts - Borovetz. The hotel complex includes swimming pool, winter garden, a restaurant, stores, beauty salon, bars, sauna, jacuzzi, two-lane bowling, squash court, fitness facilities, conference hall.


   The greenhouses, featuring a water pump station for watering the vegetables with 64oC hot mineral water and spreading over 70,000 sq. m are in Blagoevgrad, Southern Bulgaria. The complex is already in its third consecutive year of exploitation.






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